Mountain View From The Back Passenger SeatMy name is Philip Pelto and I have a passion for road trips. I love the spontaneity and storytelling that comes from driving on the road. From the initial excitement when you first get in the car, to the pit stops, the car conversations, and the unexpected detours, you always seem to arrive at your destination in a perfect way with an incredible story to be told.  In 1937 my grandfather set out, with three of his friends, on a 6,300 mile journey across the country.  In a 1933 Buick coupe they traveled on dirt roads from the upper peninsula of Michigan to the west coast and back.  In 2010 I retraced every mile of that trip and retook all of his photos.  It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever done.

Currently, my fiancé Gerri and I are driving cross country from the Florida Keys to Seattle.  We’ll be driving and blogging our way across the country during the month of May, 2014.  Check back to see how things are going!