After unloading all of our stuff at the new house we had our first visitors!  Friday morning my Dad and Step-Mom came over with my niece and her fiancé.  We showed them around the house and then went out for lunch since we have no food and no dishes.  It was fun…

Wow!  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.  The last time I wrote a post for the road trip I was in a totally different place both mentally and physically.  Then life happened.  But, it’s time to catch you guys up on the adventure…  Get ready for a long post! Okay, so…

Gerri and I were walking down Magazine St. in New Orleans when I got the call from my Aunt Helen.  She asked if I was alone, and then she dropped the bomb.  My mother had passed away just then.  She had an enlarged heart and it just gave out.  Our road trip,…

Suntanning Alligator

We drove 559 miles yesterday, close to 12 hours on the road -it was a very long day!   We arrived in Mobile, Alabama close to 11pm last night.

Tampa to Mobile


On the way, we got a recommendation from one of our friends to visit Wakulla Springs State Park near Tallahassee.  One of the most beautiful places I have seen in Florida.  It is a National Natural Landmark and where the Creature from the Black Lagoon was filmed.  You can see the exact spot where the Creature lived in the picture below.

The Lair Of The Creature From The Black LagoonAlligator SwimmingBaby Slider TurtleMedium Sized Slider TurtleGerri Enjoying The TourA Great Egret


We left Tallahassee with intentions to camp in Panama City or Pensacola  last night, but we just kept driving and driving!  We had a recommendation to check out Flora Bama Restaurant in Pensacola, so we pushed through our hunger and car-leg-cramping until we finally arrived around 9:00pm.  It was a great location, right on the beach, Jimmy Buffet style barn with open ceiling rafters and picnic tables.  We headed straight for the bar to order food and drinks.  Derek was the bar tender and super nice.  To our regret, he informed us that the kitchen was already closed and they were closing up the bar.  OH NO!  We explained how long we had been on the road and how starving we were.  He ran back to the kitchen and asked the cook what could be done.  “Anything fried” he said!  We stuffed our faces with the most delicious fried fish and shrimp, complimentary fresh Ahi Tuna and two pints of beer!  It was the best.

On the road

It’s 8:45am in Tampa, FL.  We just got done with a run and are having breakfast before we head out on the road again.  Today we are headed up the Gulf Coast for Pensacola.  The road trip is in full swing today!

Just finished a run in Tampa

Gerri & Phil on the road

This trip is going to take us over 7,000 through 18 states, all the time zones and countless amazing sights.  My fiancé Gerri and I are moving from Miami to Denver but we’re going all the way to Seattle first and backtracking to Denver.  You can read about our adventures leading up to this point HERE.

We technically started our road trip in Key Largo a little over a week ago.

IMG_4876 IMG_2120 IMG_2093

We thought it would be fun to kit the Keys one last time and figured we’d start from there.  We had to take a little break to finish a couple work things though and we resumed our trip on Cinco de Mayo.  We flew back from New York around 3pm and were on the road by 5pm.  We drove across Tamiami Trail through the Everglades to Naples and then up I-75 to Tampa.

The Brooklyn Bridge

It hadn’t occurred to me until just yesterday that my grandfather’s road trip in 1937 as well as my recreation of that trip in 2010, also began on May 5th!  That’s pretty awesome!  Anyway, gotta get back on the road.  More to come…

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